You Can Never Have Enough Storage, Seating or Cheap Cushions!

I always think that you can never have enough storage space, seating or cushions as such I embrace the idea of combining these with open arms!

Window seat are always a tremendous idea in older styled houses where there is sufficient depth on the window sill to enable you sit or lean comfortably against a cushion, if they have built in storage so much the better!

Making use of space in today’s modern homes has to be on many people’s agendas. With house prices still very high in most parts of the UK, finding a home to enable you obtain your foot on the first rung of the house buying ladder is becoming increasingly difficult. The houses or apartments you may be able to afford are going to be the smaller ones, irrespective of their age.

However, restoring an old Victorian terrace or choosing the type of design you want in a more modern house is all part & parcel of transforming you living space into a place you can call home. Putting your individualism into each room can be pleasant & does not have to cost a fortune or look tacky!

For first time DIYers a tremendous project would be to make additional seating for when you have guests & incorporating much needed storage. A simple box style construction made from MDF or ply would be suitable substantial to take people’s weight & the top can be simply painted & have lots of cheap cushions placed for comfort, or the more adventurous may like to add a padded bench cover. This can be achieved by buying a block of foam, most suppliers will cut it to size for you, & either making a fabric cover which can be put on & off, in much the same way as a pillow slip, or simply drape it over & tucked in underneath!

Be inspired & make the most of the space you have!

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