Using White In Your Home

White & so chic this is the ideal hallway for everyone! Simplicity really is a matter of “less is more” in many styles of interior design & this is one of those designs where nothing more is needed, its striking simplicity speaks volumes! Injections of colour are all in-vogue within the world of interiors, however white continues to be the most favoured of colours. Purely because it look stylish on its own & even more stunning when a natural wood table on which a few objects, including plain table lamps, nothing fancy or flashy, are placed. Natural coloured flooring is used as a purely functional necessity & to make this design feel homely.

The tremendous advantage of using white is that it looks satisfactory however old or new your home, unless you are trying to replicate a particular period of time, such as the Victorian era or before, then white is an superior option. (you shouldn’t include brilliant white paint if you want authentic looks in Victorian homes for the simple reason it hadn’t been invented!)

Any room of your home can be predominately white, of course total white is moreover acceptable yet needs to be used carefully & skilfully otherwise it can look very cold…think of snow & ice & you will realise what I mean!  Injections of any colour, pale pastel to vibrant neon will lift the coldness & turn your room into a chic & very stylish place to be!

If you want to arrange a whole room in white you should know a few things because otherwise you risk of having a really dull house , looking like a very clean & disinfected hospital room.

Here they are:

1. The first rule is to use different shades of white for decorating a whole room in white. You can pick the right kind of white depending on the kind of decoration you want to use. For example using white with pale shades of blue inspire cleanliness, using yellowish or brownish shades of white express a vintage decor, so use vintage furniture & carpets plus nice vintage decorations like statues, vases, etc. Using white with a few shades of gray plus a few dark gray or even back details will make a perfect modern design.

2. Use different textures & materials or else the whole room will be simply boring. Even if all the things in a room are white, if their textures are different, they will look fine together & will donate a three dimensional impression.

3. Use small decorations of a different color, for example orange pillows, an orange vase & two orange frames for the paintings displayed ion the wall. It will make the atmosphere lively & nice. Or you can use a small blue carpet with a blue ribbon for the curtains & a small blue bedside lamp, all in the same shade of blue.

4. Use white decorations , yet displayed in a different color of the frame: for example three white elephants three square black shelves or on a brown mantlepiece.

5. Use plants to make the room full of life & to add a bit of color. Or you can use a vase full of colorful flowers instead.

These are just a few tricks, yet if you have some more ideas, please share them with us.

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