The most perfect fireplace

the most perfect fireplace

The comfort & warmth of a nice fire on a cold winter night can be complex to resist. For some, the use of a fireplace is usual practice, or even a necessity, for heating during cold months of the year. With most new homes being heated by furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heating systems, & other heating options available today, the fireplace has become almost obsolete & even banned in many areas. Often, the mess & labour of wood heating & a fireplace trumps the use & even installation of a fireplace in most homes of today.


Before a fire is lit in the fireplace, the base of the fireplace should always be checked for excess ashes which should be removed. The flue moreover needs to be opened. Supplies to build the fire should moreover be collected, if necessary. Newsprint, dry kindling & firewood, & matches, or a lighter, will be needed.


Seeing as the paper is what is going to start the fire burning, it is of the most importance an appropriate type of paper is used. Black & white, dry, newsprint is often a satisfactory choice for successful lighting. Any other type of light, non-glossy paper will work as well. Three to four sheets of paper (depending on the size) need to crumpled up & placed in the center of the fireplace’s rack.


Without kindling, building a perfect fire in your fireplace will be near impossible. Small, dry pieces of soft woods, such as pine or fir, are best for successfully starting your fireplace fire. Once a variety of kindling pieces have been chopped/ collected, five to ten pieces should be arranged on top & around the ball of crumpled paper in the center of the fireplace. Placement of firewood pieces is best left till the flame has properly taken.


Different sized pieces of firewood are always helpful for building up your perfect fireplace fire.  Once the base of the fire has been lit & red embers are visible in the kindling pile, the firewood should be added a few pieces at a time, starting with the smaller of the pieces. Again, soft woods are the best choice for starting your fire, yet burn more quickly than a complex wood. Once the fire is burning well, pieces of complex wood can be added to assist the fire burn longer on a cold winter night. Never over load a fireplace with wood. One to two pieces at a time are all that should ever need to be added.’ A small fire is a safe fire!’


The last step to building a perfect fireplace fire is lighting it. Before lighting the fire, it is extremely significant to make sure all flammable materials, excess paper, & such are moved a safe distance away from the fireplace to not catch any loose sparks from the fire. Once the area surrounding the fireplace is safe & clear, a match can be dropped onto to crumbled paper to ignite the paper & kindling. For stubborn fires, try lighting an area of paper in each corner of the fire to grow towards the center.
Within twenty minutes, your fire should be burning brightly. Now is the time to throw on a couple logs, grab your favorite drink, maybe a book, your favorite TV show, or some friends or family, sit back, relax, & enjoy the attractive crackling fire.
Notes of Caution

  • Never leave fires burning unattended or without the supervision of an adult.
  • Always have a fire extinguisher on hand before lighting a fire.
  • Have fireplaces & chimneys serviced before first use.
  • Remove all flammable materials surrounding the fireplace.

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