The Perfect Home Theater Seating

Have you just bought a wonderful surround-sound home entertainment system yet no decent home theater seating to sit on to watch the latest rented DVD? Do you always have to squeeze next to the cat & your daughter who likes to hog the old sofa like it was her bed whenever she watches anything on the screen?

Do you have to constantly pause the DVD to obtain your tomato juice from the kitchen benchtop because there is no place to put your drink without fear of spilling it on your white carpet? And does your back suffer terribly even only after 30 minutes of watching your favorite sitcom?

Home theater systems & home theater seating – the suburban preoccupation of the decade.

Home theaters provide a luxurious space for movie & television viewing in the comfort of your own home. When designing your home theater, you have many design options that allow you to create the atmosphere of your home theater space, including screen size, color scheme & seating.

Here is how you can design your own.
Start with an arm.


Add a cup holder to the arm for those much needed beverages during a satisfactory movie. You have a choice of either silver or antique complete for the cup holder.

Cup Holder

Do you want to create a sensation like the one of being a part of the movie? If so, then start thinking approximately adding a bass shaker system to your new Palliser home theater seating.  How approximately going a step further & adding a wireless bass shaker system? Now, that’s an idea. No more of those tangled wires & no more tripping over them. Now you can experience firsthand every shake, thump, & force just the way bass sound was meant to be felt. In that case, add a wireless receiver to the arm.
Now add the recliner.


The recliner is really a wall hugger that only needs 2 inches of wall clearance. This feature is ideal for those with smaller apartments.
Wall Hugger

Do you prefer manual recline or the effortless power recline for infinite positioning? Do you prefer the recliner handle on your left side or on your right side? It’s all possible. Now add the bass shaker, the amplifier, & the RF receiver into the seat of the recliner.
RF Receiver
RF receiver


Bass Shaker
Bass shaker

Add the opposite arm.

Assemble all together & now you have a theater seat.

1 Seat

Don’t like the stainless steel complete of the legs? No problem, there are more options for leg finishes.
Leg Finish

You want it in fabric? There are more than 100 different options with different fabric grades. Would you prefer padded microfibers with a soft natural hide appearance? It will add a twist to the collection, as it not only has the look & feel of a suede, it is embossed with a leather-like pattern. Microfiber families demonstrate a long-lasting endurance to the demands of any lifestyle. Or do you prefer woven chenille with a screen-like design that will add depth & dimension & will blend effortlessly with any décor? It’s all possible.
Fabric Seating

Or do you prefer leather? Again, there are quite a few options with different grades, colors, & feels. Do you have kids or pets? If so then select one of the protected leathers with features that holds up well under daily use, are protected & semi-aniline, feature impressive durability for daily use, & have most natural markings concealed. Or do you like the feel of soft, supple natural leather with natural markings that are visible & that feature full-aniline leather with a classic, natural surface? Natural leathers can be modern & stylish, with a hint of rustic charm.

Leather Seating
Do you prefer different styles? How approximately a more traditional one with nail heads?

Traditional Seat

Want to add more seats across?
Straight 4 Seat
Want curved seating instead?
Curved 4 Seat

Plug the RF transmitter plugs into home theater amplifier. It will supply signal to all bass shaker units within a 200 ft radius.
RF Transmitter


Theater Seating Room


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