Small Interior Swimming Pool Design

All too often, designers (and design) get(s) caught up in definitions – constrictive categories limit out-of-the-box ideas & free-thinking innovation. Often a new design idea lies at the intersection of old ones, such as this interior swimming pool design by Kostalia that does not clearly fit the definition of a swimming pool nor that of a soaking tub.

Faraway Pool Design by Kos

Kos is one of the product pool of the most stylish on the market, which as a whole can be built on the floor. Water does not overflow, thanks to the fissure, which doubles the line pool. For example, it has a blower placed under the steps that ripples the surface of the water. Anyway, having such a pool is a real pleasure, unfortunately this is very expensive & not available for all people. One absorbing feature of this pool is a form of modern asymmetrical. Of course, there is water lighting; the steps that create a source of an astonishing effect. Kos italian company presented a new concept in house swimming pool called Faraway. Pool as part of interior design always seemed unusual & adds a unique touch to any room. Aesthetic model is moreover very functional.

An asymmetrical form, underwater illumination, hidden rim drainage for a flat-to-the-floor modernist appearance & other features make this seem almost like an elegant pool one would find at a luxury spa. However, its residential context & small size make it as comfortable & cozy as a conventional bathtub.

The ultimate idea driving this design is related to elevating the indoor tub or small pool beyond its functional or ritual status, driving it to serve as a truly relaxing & self-contained space with a variety of available sensory experiences. In short, this combination ‘pool tub’ is designed to bridge the gap between pools & tubs, providing the elegance & luxury of the former alongside the functionality & accessibility of the latter.

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