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Gardening & Plants During The Winter

During the spring & summer seasons, it’s fairly effortless to obtain your daily dose of outdoor time. Most people like to spend a bit of time with nature now & then, whether that means going for the occasional walk, sitting on a porch filled with plants, or even simply looking out the window at a garden or row of trees. Unfortunately, however, no matter how you tend to obtain your time with the outdoors, it can be a lot harder to do during the fall & winter, when the weather grows cooler. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy nature in certain ways. In fact, whether it’s picking up indoor plants & flowers from Marks & Spencer, or even establishing your own greenhouse, there are plenty of options for enjoying the outdoors during the colder seasons. Here are a few suggestions & examples.

Winter Plants

Before you even consider how to bring the outdoors inside during the winter, you may want to think approximately looking into some of the flowers & plants capable of flourishing during the winter season. While there are very few flowers that bloom when it’s cold, there are a number of attractive plants that can stay alive through at least most of the winter in full bloom. One prominent example is the Chrysanthemum, which is known for being able to stay bright & blooming in cooler conditions. Keeping a few plants like these in your garden can keep the outside of your home from looking grim or empty during the fall & winter.

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Planning A New Look For Your Guest Room

It’s tremendous to have a perfect guest room for when you have people come to stay at your house. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of a bedroom that can be kept in waiting for the occasional house guest, yet if you have, then it’s nice to go to town on decorating it for your visitors.
Think of how tremendous it is when you stay at a really well-equipped B&B or guest house & remember a few of the best ones you’ve stayed in. That’s the kind of feeling you want anyone who stays at your house to have.
Of course, the bed is of prime importance. You need to make sure your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep, so make sure you obtain a mattress that will suit most people, reasonably firm yet not too hard, & certainly not too soft, even if that’s your preference. As for the frame, think approximately whether you want the whole room to match, & to select from a certain range of furniture, or whether you are going for an eclectic mix of different pieces of furniture.
The eclectic mix look can sometimes work, yet unless you really know what you’re doing, choosing all the pieces from the same collection of furniture might be the safest option. There is plenty of satisfactory quality, yet reasonably priced furniture available on the internet. For example you’ll find a huge array of discount bedroom furniture for sale at http://www.furnishinghomes.co.uk.

In terms of style, it’s probably best to select something timeless or classic like some of the  solid oak furniture from Furnishing Homes, as these are styles that suit everyone’s tastes, whether your visitors are young or old, close family or new friends. Once you’ve received the new furniture in the room & decorated the walls in a calming yet warm shade of colour, all you need to do is select some lovely fresh cotton bed linen to complete off the perfect guest room.

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Furnishings for your home

When you move into a new home, it’s often a satisfactory time to have a complete change. With a new house you can buy update your old furniture by buying new pieces. However, to avoid a mix & match look, it’s sometimes better to work on one room at a time, & completely transform each room as you are going along.
Of course, it will be dependent on budget, yet many furniture stores now offer flexible finance options so that you can spread the payments for items like sofas & tables over a two or three year period, interest free.
A tremendous room to start with is the living room, as once you have it completed, you will then have a space to escape to & relax in while you work on the rest of the house. You may decide to buy a new sofa & armchairs, or go with a huge corner sofa instead. When choosing a coffee table, you should aim for it to be approximately half the length of the piece of furniture it sits in front of – this allows you to access the sofa or chairs that are behind it.
Glass coffee tables are very popular at the moment – they suit modern environments & add a feeling of space & light through their transparent nature. They are moreover very practical – as the surface is almost impossible to mark, scratch or damage. They will require frequent wiping & polishing though – something worth considering if you have small children in your family who leave sticky fingerprints behind them!
If you haven’t yet decided on how you would like your dining room to look, you could always buy one of the many cheap dining tables that are available everywhere, & have it for a couple of years while you decide what you want longer term.
You may decide that you have other plans for the dining room, & that you want all your meals to take place in the kitchen instead. This will influence the style of furniture that you select – a highly polished wooden dining table might not suit the style of your kitchen.
It’s sometimes better to live in a place for a few months or longer before you decide on major furniture purchases. It’s not the kind of thing you want to make a mistake in choosing, as changing for something new will mean that you end up paying twice.

Exquisite Modern Villa with Eye-Catching Details in the Hollywood Hills

Designed by LA-based interior designer Angie Thornbury, this imposing 7.000 square foot home sits high atop the Hollywood Hills, above the famed Sunset Strip. According to the architects, “the house was built from the ground-up & has views from Downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific ocean. One of the most unique features of the home are the glass floor panels that allow you to peer down, into a two-story, stark white bar & sapphire blue wine cellar. There’s moreover an elevator that connects the first floor to the lower lobby bar/lounge & from this sparkling mirrored space, one enters a cavernous, deep blue theater. The den-like setting with upholstered walls offers cozy lounge seating on the ground floor & exclusive balcony seating above for prime viewing, making this the ultimate entertainment house. Designed as an eco-responsible property, Angie incorporated skylights, transoms & sidelights into every room for natural daylight to light the spaces & thereby eliminate the need for artificial lighting. At nightfall, the striking aesthetics can be lit up through a wireless remote to create lighting scenes.

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Mark Tremonto Freely Hanging Carbon 451 Lamp

Lights are an significant home interior gadget. The designer light shown below is the creation of Mark Tremonto a New York based designer. This light is called the Carbon 451 Lamp & can be used as an interior design product for any of the rooms. Designed from carbon fiber, which is the same reinforced plastic which was manufactured to create car doors, this lamp seems almost like a chandelier. Clearly hanging like a spectacle from the sky this light is very light & it gives a weightless look. The output of the light is moreover much better because the polished surface is very reflective. If you are a interior design freak & want something fashionable yet durable then this light fixture is just what you looking.

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House on the Drina River attracting curious travelers

House on the Drina River1

The world is full of unusual places, sites that are both intriguing & mysterious. For 45 years this bizarre little house has survived everything that nature can throw at it. Balancing on a rock in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia, the house has been pounded by floods & high winds – yet stood strong.  The structure is located near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia, & has become a well-known attraction for visitors to the area.

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The Scariest Bathroom in the World

The Scariest Bathroom in the World 1

Typically, when people go to the bathroom, they seek a quiet place yet designer Hernandez Silva had other ideas. Located inside a penthouse in Guadalajara, Mexico, the scariest bathroom in the world sits on top of a  15 story elevator shaft & features a glass floor to ensure your constant terror!

Those who are afraid of heights should probably avoid using this space. But, on the bright side, at least you’re in the right place should you have an unfortunate “accident”…

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Especially Designed for your Exquisite Home – The Cleaning Dog Squad

Vacuuming your floor is a quite annoying task for most of the people, so you are pleased if you can source it out somehow … What if your hoover what do it’s work on its own while you are at your workplace? Why not let a robot do the vacuuming? There are already some robotic solutions for that. I recently came across a robotic application created by ‘Yanko design’ which is called “The Cleaning Dog Squad“.

Puppy Robotic is a vacuum cleaner consisting of a mommy dog & her litter. The mom acts as the base unit & the four pups are her cleanup crew. True to canine nature, the puppies run amok in a cleaning frenzy & at times chase remote controls or play some music.

The mommy dog nourishes the litter with electric juice & collects garbage from their units. A rad way to make them run in circles & clean their footprints is to hand the remote to their tails. Now that would be a pleasant site!

Designer: Hyun-Seok Kim

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Luxury Tree House – Los Angeles

This inspiring – & inspired! – House of wood & glass tree is a sanctuary from the hustle & bustle of everyday. Located in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA, Banyan Treehouse is a compact house design combines art studios & recreation getaway overlooking downtown Los Angeles. Architectural firms designed RPA luxury tree house in the clouds will you nine. In accordance with the natural theme, the studio is finished in luxury, organic oiled wooden palette siding, mahogany windows & roof Rheinzink. Wooden structure raised above 12 ft steel pillars, & is located to the base of a large pine tree.

Luxury Tree House Events in Los Angeles
Luxury Tree House Events in Los Angeles

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How to Build A Fence


A fence can be used to maintain privacy, corral animals, keep out unwanted wildlife, mark boundary lines, & divide property. Building a fence is a project that requires careful planning & patience. If you would like to build a fence, here is an outline of how it can be done economically & efficiently.

1. Lay out exact fence line. You’ll need to deal with some preliminary surveillance & paperwork. Know where your property line is. You don’t want to take the time & money to build a fence, only to discover your neighbor has the right to tear it down. You might try talking to your neighbor to see if they’re interested in having a fence. This will enable you to build the fence directing on the property line, & your neighbor may be willing to chip in some money for the project. You’ll moreover need to check on whether your fencing project requires any building permits before you begin.

2. Treating posts. The most significant part of your fence is the part that cannot be seen after construction. This is the part of the post that is below ground. Therefore, pressure treated posts or posts treated with a preservative will assure a lasting firm foundation. It is best to soak untreated posts to a point at least 6″ above ground level with a preservative. If you cannot soak the posts in this solution, brushing or spraying two or three liberal coats is next best. Full directions are on each can.

3.The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fence Builder. You may decide you don’t have the proper skills & tools to build & install the fence you want. Even if you can complete the project on your own, there are several reasons you may want to consider hiring a professional fence builder. First, they will bring local knowledge of wind, soil conditions, & how different materials will hold up over time given the climate you live in. It’s unlikely you’ll be able find this information from general fence building advice. The precision & craftsmanship of a professional fence builder will moreover ensure a seamless, sharp-looking fence that may last for much longer than the fence you will build. Plus, you save time & the inevitable headaches that come with virtually any DIY project.

Tips for satisfactory fence construction:

When nailing rails or boards horizontally, do not have all the joints on one post. Your fence will be stronger if you stagger the joints.

When assembling a large number of boards with equal spacing, ensure that the first board is straight & use a spacer or cleat to ensure equal spacing of the boards.

Cut all boards to length before nailing rails to posts. Often boards must be cut to a nominal length to ensure square corners & smooth ends. If this is the case, rails should be spaced according to board lengths.