How to decorate Children’s Bedrooms

Decorating children’s bedrooms can be a real nightmare! It’s fine when they are toddlers because you can use the alphabet, animals, circus tents just approximately any theme & they will be happy!

However, reaching those in between years when they are no longer little & yet not reached their teenage years can be a real problem. I love the design concept of this boy’s bedroom, especially the baseballs used on top of the bed posts which add a really individual touch.

Including names of the children who occupy the room has always baffled me! Is this to remind them who they are & which bed they are supposed to sleep in or it a psychological symbol indicating their own individual space?

With that dilemma put aside, I do believe it is significant to let children have a say in the colour scheme & style of their room, as they are far more likely to want to spend time there in a space of their own as well as sleeping of course!

Having personal touches is another tremendous way to let them express their individuality, home-made quilts & bedspreads may not be to everyone’s liking yet they are a tremendous way of showing how much you care, & until they reach the rebellious stage I say ‘go for it’ in a huge way!

Once they reach the age, when it’s pointless trying to assist them make choices, they can have their own space decorated & kept in whatever disarray they want! If they want black walls & ceilings then agree enthusiastically, you may be surprised to find that if you whole heartedly agree with anything they will want something different! It may be mind games yet it works…well nearly always!

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3 Responses to “How to decorate Children’s Bedrooms”

  1. katty says:

    I had a very good read on your article. Sometimes designing a kid’s bedroom is a tough job as well for parents. We want to make our kids have their own bedroom to learn to go to sleep on their own and this is through making them feel comfortable, happy and secured with having their own bedrooms. And by achieving this goal, we should please them by giving them a a nice place to stay whether they sleep or play in it, in which they will really like and will make them feel excited sleeping in it. It’s true that to be able to achieve this, we should really have a great design bedroom idea, these includes the color scheme, style and lovable decorative bedroom furniture for kids.

  2. Dana says:

    Absolutely! You have some great suggestions!! Personal touches like quilts and handmade items are a must!

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