Home Decorating – What To Skip and What to Splurge

Everytime we watch “Design on a Dime”, we crack up. While we admire their creativity, some of the stuff just look absolutely terrible. Seriously, do you want an ottoman made from empty Coke plastic bottles? Sometimes cheap just look…cheap!

We think there is a better way. Your home can look nice without having to spend a lot of money. Here is a list of what we would skip/splurge on.


-New furniture that is not well-made or well-constructed.
-Cheap home accessories-plastic flowers, pink flamingos, gaudy fabrics fall into this category.
-Expensive remodeling jobs that are complex to change, like built-ins, hardscaping & the likes…


-A satisfactory house cleaner-a clean house is a relaxing house.
-Quality pieces that don’t go out of style & will last for life. Focus on quality & not quantity.
-Luxury things that don’t cost a lot yet make you happy-like fresh flowers, scented candles & bubble baths…

Just like everything in life, there are many choices when it comes to your money. Spend it wisely…

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