Gardening & Plants During The Winter

During the spring & summer seasons, it’s fairly effortless to obtain your daily dose of outdoor time. Most people like to spend a bit of time with nature now & then, whether that means going for the occasional walk, sitting on a porch filled with plants, or even simply looking out the window at a garden or row of trees. Unfortunately, however, no matter how you tend to obtain your time with the outdoors, it can be a lot harder to do during the fall & winter, when the weather grows cooler. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy nature in certain ways. In fact, whether it’s picking up indoor plants & flowers from Marks & Spencer, or even establishing your own greenhouse, there are plenty of options for enjoying the outdoors during the colder seasons. Here are a few suggestions & examples.

Winter Plants

Before you even consider how to bring the outdoors inside during the winter, you may want to think approximately looking into some of the flowers & plants capable of flourishing during the winter season. While there are very few flowers that bloom when it’s cold, there are a number of attractive plants that can stay alive through at least most of the winter in full bloom. One prominent example is the Chrysanthemum, which is known for being able to stay bright & blooming in cooler conditions. Keeping a few plants like these in your garden can keep the outside of your home from looking grim or empty during the fall & winter.

Indoor Plants

While keeping the garden outside nice & colourful when it gets cold is nice, you can moreover look to bring the outdoors inside with a few popular plants. Whether it’s a selection of orchids all over your home, a few small trees in pots, or a consistently updated selection of flowers, there are plenty of ways to keep the home green & alive, even while the outdoors grow colder & emptier. The inside of your home will never quite offer you the same diversity or range of options as an outdoor garden, yet it can certainly provide you with at least a taste of the outdoors during the winter.


Finally, for the true nature enthusiasts who simply can’t bear to be away from their favorite plants & flowers, a home greenhouse can be a tremendous idea. You can actually set up a fairly small & manageable greenhouse where you can manage temperatures, allow your plants to obtain natural light, & protect them from the winter all at the same time. Again, you won’t quite have the range of a full spring or summer garden, yet if it is tending to plants that you enjoy – rather than simply observing them – a greenhouse might be a tremendous winter project for you.

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