Fabulous Ways Of Using Curtains

Removing doors & replacing them with full length curtains is not only an inspirational idea in rooms where doors are impractical, they are moreover make a very elegance & frame through which to look through & an effortless way for the eye to be naturally drawn through into the next room & the natural light coming through the window.

The aspect I really find an easy, yet brilliant idea is to have the tie backs up high to enable the space to be fully utilised. Of course, this type of door way is a perfect for any type of interior design, be it traditional, modern or contemporary, it would purely be just a matter of choosing the right style & colour of fabric & altering the pelmet to suit.

With the curtain pelmet touching the line between the wall & the ceilng moreover adds height to the room. Look closely & you will see that the windows in the other room have the same curtains, moreover with high tie backs, creating a real sense of cohesion & harmony.

Using tie backs up high would look wonderful on sheer fabrics such as silk & voiles, particularly if you were to use the latest trends of beaded tie backs in a contrasting colour. Opt for opaque beads to allow the sun to make fascinating patterns of subtle colour to donate the room a wonderful & gentle focal point.

Much nicer than traditional style of net curtains used in many homes in the UK, predominately to stop prying eyes seeing into other people’s houses rather than for their somewhat bland & in my opinion tedious & outdated look which do little to enhance the beauty of anyone’s windows!

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