Creative Engineering – Hidden Pool

Creative Engineering Hidden Pool 1
Innovative swimming pools with movable floor system can transform into a spacious spatio in under two minutes. Owners can adjust the depth of the pool from one inch to almost six feet. When not in use, the pool completely disappear.

Creative Engineering Hidden Pool 2

The Hidden Water Pool is the most versatile swimming pool in the world. The Hidden Water Pools is a revolutionary product that transforms a custom designed patio into a swimming pool at the touch of a button. Whether it’s unique patio surface finishes, special lighting effects, fountains, or splash pads, there are options to fit everyone’s desires & budget. Imagine your friends & family enjoying a BBQ while sitting on your new custom tiled patio. The kids are playing, the adults are enjoying a attractive afternoon & the party is in full swing. As all your land activities are concluding, it’s time to go swimming.

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