Can’t Decide Which Eyelet Curtains To Use?

If you can’t decide which colour or pattern of curtains to use why not take inspiration from interior designers who are using the fashionable mix of bold colours & patterns to create striking interiors which have non-matching curtains!

The idea may seem rather bizarre, however with careful planning & incorporation of the same fabrics for cushions & using a mismatch of textures & patterns stunning trendy designs can look very effective in many styles of homes.

Using white as the wall colour & natural wood flooring gives you the opportunity to mix & match the colours of your soft furnishings. To make this style look effective opt for colours which compliment each other & are within the same colour hue range, otherwise it may simply look odd & unbalanced.

Use the same two colours as accent pieces is moreover a tremendous way to bring the room a sense of cohesion & trendy chic elegance. Choose colours which inject vibrancy for maximum effect, along with a variation in furniture from different style trends.

The wide variety of colours & patterns of ready made eyelet curtains enables anyone to try this funky style within their home, not forgetting that if the curtains come in pairs you automatically have a replacement replica pair to use whilst the others are being laundered! Alternatively you can use the image image if you have a room with windows at opposite ends of the room.

I admire designers & people who dare to be different simply by using a new way to make their living space stand out from the crowd!

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