A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

In Hong Kong, because of the space, apartments are small & expensive. Gary Chang, an architect, decided to design a 344 square feet apartment to be able to alter into 24 different designs, all by just sliding panels & walls. He calls this the “Domestic Transformer.”

Behind movable walls, this tiny apartment holds surprises. Accordion-like wall units allows, he can create at least 24 different room configurations.

The shifting wall units are suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling. The apartment holds within his walls a kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, a lounge with a hammock, an enclosed dining area & a wet bar.

Just makes me sad where in U.S. we can purchase a 5 bedroom & use only two of the rooms. Borders of the world must fall down. Everyone should have access to all resources in the world equally. What a tremendous concept. Gary Chang’s project is truly inspiring!

And here is a video of this tremendous project:

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