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The Ultimate Backyard Escape | The Pool Master


This incredible $2 million pool features five colossal waterfalls, a lazy river & a tunnel deep enough for scuba diving.

This outdoor  natural  pool is incredible. It has multiple  waterfalls, a water slide, a  luxurious kitchen & bathroom. Several stairs & bridges to walk over & it is almost 8 meters deep (26 feet) so the owner can practice his scuba diving in his own backyard.

The cost? Roughly 2 million dollars. Worth it? I think so, do you?

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Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home

Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home

Every day we have tons of paper sent to us in the mail, boxes that our food is packaged in & in my case, lots of beer packaging. In this video I show you how to turn all that paper into something very useful, a way to heat your home for free. http://tinyhouselistings.com

Super-efficient, Danish designed. Save up to 60% in fuel costs!
FREE fuel & unlimited fuel to heat your home – that’s quite a promise! It doesn’t actually promise to be a solution to provide ALL of the fuel to heat your home, yet depending on the size of your home it probably could do just that… If you have a small house or cabin heated by a wood stove you could probably heat your house using just this method. For larger homes with a wood fire or stove this would be an superior addition to fire wood which could possibly save you 50%, maybe more on your fuel costs.

You are obviously not going to be able to generate enough junk mail, cardboard & magazines etc to save a fortune (although still worth doing!), yet if you ask friends, neighbors & family to save all their paper waste you’ll start to generate a significant amount of fuel material. You could moreover ask around local businesses for their waste paper too!

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The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room Off Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Manta Resort's Underwater Room Off Pemba Island, Tanzania 1

The Manta Resort's Underwater Room Off Pemba Island, Tanzania 2

Sleeping with the fish: Underwater hotel room opens on remote African island

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping under the sea, à la The Little Mermaid, your dreams can shortly become reality at the Manta Resort’s new underwater room.  The Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off Tanzania, opened a new Swedish-designed underwater bedroom this month. The resort says six guests have stayed in the new digs so far.
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Dream Mansion! Check Out This Breathtaking $48 Million Las Vegas Mansion That’s Up For Sale

$48 Million Las Vegas Mansion That's Up For Sale 1

If you happen to have $48 million dollars & are a little unsure of what to do with it you may want to grab a (not so much) bargain & purchase this super stunning & very over the top 40-acre ranch.

The Fish House Pool Billionaire


It’s a pleasure & a chance to live in Singapore by itself, let alone being the owner of an extraordinary mansion, like the Fish House. It was penned down by Guz Architects & focuses on the strong connection between manmade marvels & the natural landscapes their placed in.
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Beijing penthouse raises regulation concerns

Beijing penthouse raises regulation concerns  3
A block of flats in China’s capital has become the talk of town. A recent addition to its rooftop has received neighbors riled up & perhaps a little perplexed.It has raised concerns over the lack of construction regulation in the country.
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Decorating ideas in White!

The color White brightens up any space, it clean, fresh & has oodles of elegance. It is perfect way to perk up decor for airy summer. Beach cottage decor moreover has lots of shades of white. White color is moreover perfect for smaller spaces, it created an illusion of bigger dimension & there is something so dramatic approximately it.

If you want to add just a hint of color, adding pastel is a satisfactory option. If you commence with an all white, you could play with different accent colors to keep it updated & fun. It is perfect for rented spaces too. No long term commitment of wall paper & curtains!

Choose different shades of White to create a complex drama. This is a gorgeous bedroom with plush detailing. Perfect decor for modern sophistication. Love!

Decorating ideas in White! 1

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About Kitchen Designs

About Kitchen Designs

The children come home from school & throw their shoes on the floor running past to try & obtain to the television set before one another, your eldest daughter comes homes from college & drops her bag on the table & sits down on the comfy chair to rest her feet & father comes home throws his keys on the side & undoes his top button just in time to catch the children as they come running in to greet him. The kitchen is the hub of the home it is where we all share & assist each other with problems, we all chat & gossip here & we all communicate with our family here.
Kitchen designs therefore need to be perfect or at least perfect for the individual family as it is seen as a very significant room in the home. Kitchen designs allow each family to relax in the kitchen, it allows them to enjoy food here & embrace one another’s company. Kitchen designs donate the opportunity for each family to have their own family time, whether you like your kitchen to be formal or informal, you may like to have a comfy sofa or you may want a breakfast bar.
Kitchen Designs can be a huge project & getting this project correct will be significant to the family setting. Paradise Kitchens offers some tremendous kitchen designs that can be tailored to your individual taste. Though if you would like to create & design your own kitchen then Paradise Kitchens has professional & helpful staff willing to advise you on what is best for your kitchen any size & any shape. Visit paradise-kitchens.com.au to find out more approximately kitchen designs from Paradise Kitchens. You may not need nor want full kitchen designs, you may just want to buy some new accessories to brighten up your kitchen or you may want a new kitchen table. Whatever you need whether huge or small Paradise Kitchens has an array of chooses from taps to pans.

Paradise Kitchens is offering a tremendous service where you can buy ‘take-away kitchen cabinets’ which is a tremendous way to re-design your kitchen without it costing you the earth. Kitchen designs don’t have to be a full kitchen replacement as I have already mentioned kitchen designs can simple be a new coat of paint.
Kitchen designs now offer us the green option, the option to look after the environment with simple solutions such as, recycling, using eco-materials, energy efficient appliances & many more. This option of kitchen designs allow you to really make the best out of the natural resources your kitchen has on offer, making it a cheaper alternative in the long run.
Kitchen designs can make an old home feel like a new one even the smallest transformations that are adapted to your individual needs within your kitchen the centre of the home will make a huge difference to your family setting. The hungry family can sit down to a family meal ready to converse with each other approximately their day’s events

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Creative Engineering – Hidden Pool

Creative Engineering Hidden Pool 1
Innovative swimming pools with movable floor system can transform into a spacious spatio in under two minutes. Owners can adjust the depth of the pool from one inch to almost six feet. When not in use, the pool completely disappear.
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The most perfect fireplace

the most perfect fireplace

The comfort & warmth of a nice fire on a cold winter night can be complex to resist. For some, the use of a fireplace is usual practice, or even a necessity, for heating during cold months of the year. With most new homes being heated by furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heating systems, & other heating options available today, the fireplace has become almost obsolete & even banned in many areas. Often, the mess & labour of wood heating & a fireplace trumps the use & even installation of a fireplace in most homes of today.


Before a fire is lit in the fireplace, the base of the fireplace should always be checked for excess ashes which should be removed. The flue moreover needs to be opened. Supplies to build the fire should moreover be collected, if necessary. Newsprint, dry kindling & firewood, & matches, or a lighter, will be needed.
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